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How PDP ProScan Can Help Your Fargo, Moorhead Business Find the Best Fit with Hiring

For many businesses, hiring often feels like an inexact science. There are many things to consider and often an ultra-competitive market to find the top talent. Have you ever hired someone that looked great on paper only to find that they didn’t fit well with your organization’s values or culture? This is a common issue but something that can often be avoided with the right tools.

When I work with Fargo and Moorhead businesses with talent management, one thing I utilize is a tool called PDP ProScan. This is an excellent tool for hiring, talent management, and retention that can help ensure that your organization finds qualified talent that will also fit well with your existing culture. Let’s take a greater look at how this tool can assist your organization.

What is PDP ProScan?

ProScan is an assessment of an individual’s characteristics that provides information on the traits, personality, and preferences of that person in terms of their work style. This simple to administer assessment consists of 60 highly researched self-descriptive adjectives.

The assessment has been thoroughly researched and tested, meaning that it is both reliable and accurate. The major result produced by the assessment involves illuminating a person of four distinct behavioral traits that are integral to working style: dominance, extroversion, pace, and conformity.


If your organization is looking for an innovative leader with a high degree of initiative, someone rating high in the dominance trait is likely to do well. They tend to find methods to get results. Meanwhile, those with low measures of dominance excel at being supportive, productive team members.


People high in this trait are often high energy and great at building lots of strong relationships with others. They work well in large teams and seek collaborative opportunities. Those with lower scores often prefer working individually or in small groups. They tend to focus on idea generation and building a few very strong relationships.


People with a high level of pace dependent, reliable, and consistently perform with little variance. They also may be cautious about approaching change. By contrast, those with low levels of pace are more flexible and action-oriented. They work well in unpredictable working environments and are able to adapt to change relatively easily.


The fourth and final trait is conformity. Those high in this trait will value workplaces that are more structured with clear expectations and processes. Those low in conformity will be more likely to thrive in areas with greater independence that reward new ideas.

What Other Things Can ProScan Tell Me?

In addition to these four traits, PDP ProScan also measures a number of other aspects of a potential candidate’s personality. These include logic, energy style, energy level, energy drain, stress adjustment, and satisfaction.

A number of these can be quite useful when recruiting talent. For example, logic refers to whether a person is likely to make decisions based on analytical information or intuition. Energy style refers to the style in which a person typically approaches work-related tasks. Energy drain explains the impact that pressures and stress have on a person’s energy level.

How Can PDP ProScan Help Fargo, Moorhead Businesses?

When I work with companies, I use ProScan to help organizations gain greater insight into their hiring. In fact, I utilize this tool every time I work with hiring and culture fits for a company. It has many benefits.

First, it provides much more in-depth information that cannot easily be found through a resume review and often cannot be attained through interviews. It enables organizations to better understand the traits and working styles of a candidate. This improves the accuracy of the selection process.

ProScan reports also help organizations make critical decisions based on culture and fit. This can result in your company creating a balanced team that is able to thrive in many settings. This can help you to avoid hiring staff that simply don’t work out with your organizational culture or mix well with your team’s existing strengths.

Interested in Improving Your Hiring Process?

If you would like to improve your hiring process, I have an extensive track record in helping organizations identify and hire top talent. If you would like to chat about how we can help your team, contact us at Strengths Inc.

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