About Strengths

The ability to increase organizational development, your team, and each individual member, is the art of great leadership. Leadership is not an occasional occurrence, but rather a consistent commitment to personal and organizational growth. Everyone naturally wants to improve and become better, to thrive within a healthy organization and to be a part of an organization’s success.

Curtis Biller has put together a team that simply breeds success. We are committed to helping your organization grow in every way we possibly can. We can assist with strategic planning and execution, associate and leadership training, strategic hiring and culture development, Curt has over 35 years of leadership and learning experience, owning and operating his own businesses, he has an approach that puts people at ease and in a position for success. He is a certified professional in understanding human behaviors.

Strengths Inc. is focused on building the health and well-being of your organization by addressing your people, your culture, and your strategy. We are a full-service development and training organization with years of success. 

Years of Experience

Local Company Experience 



Curt Biller 

"He has a very positive, thoughtful demeanor, which relaxes people so they're comfortable working with him one on one and in groups" 

Curt Biller has over 35 years of leadership and learning experience and operating his own businesses, he has an approach that puts people at ease and in a position for success. He is a certified professional in understanding human behaviors. 

Charles C. Okigbo,

PhD (Journalism) PhD (Ed. Leadership)

Charles Okigbo is a main partner of ours and an accomplished scholar. Since graduating from Southern Illinois University in 1982, Charles has taught advertising, public relations, strategic communication, communication analysis/research, and fundraising/capital campaigns. His professional experiences are in advertising management, public affairs consulting, and executive education programs. He is passionate about strategic planning designs and corporate storytelling. 

Our Partners

While we know and understand our strengths, we also know when we are out of our areas of expertise. But that doesn't mean we leave you hanging, we have a vast network of professionals providing expertise in technical matters.  

Such partners provide services in: Survey/Metrics analysis, Executive Searches, Professional Training Systems, Social Media and Web design and its effectiveness, Financial analysis, and large group facilitation services.

FootPrints Education and Training

Footprints is a fortune 100 curriculum and training development firm that we have partnered with for over 20 years. They provide the best in educational training and resources; including training on: leadership, teams, facilitation, mentoring, and presentation skills just to name a few. Their approach is identified as “Whole Brain” learning as it is a combination of theoretical and applied learning along with practical applications.

Our Associates

Josie J. Linehan

Josie Linehan is an intern of ours and is currently in her final semester of study at North Dakota State University. Josie is majoring in Visual Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design and Photography. She is also pursuing a minor in strategic communication. Josie is extremely passionate about her ability to create and show things in a different light. She is dedicated to creating a positive image to display Strengths Inc. in the Fargo-Moorhead Community.